is a choice.


Good men learn to be great 
men from, with and by other 
great men.

Masculinity has less to do with what a woman want's from a man, and more about a man's ability to succeed with men whom other men hold in high regard. Masculinity is about what men want from one another. Yes, we like the appreciation of women, but that's not all we want as men.

The feminine nurtures and loves; The masculine challenges and protects. I offer that you have both masculine and feminine inside of you. How developed is your masculinity.
If what matters most to you were at risk, what kind of man would you want at your side to help you defend against it's loss?

Consider that you might want in those moments other men who are strong, courageous, accountable, honorable and loyal, and skilled. Men who would not run from the fire, but stand in it with you.
Are you that kind of man? When conflict arises, what do you do? Step in and face it head on? Avoid it and hope it will go away?
Dr. Ben Culhane
If this is inspiring you to know more, 
then you are likely ready to:
  • End your fear of rejection

  • Use the 3 most powerful words in a relationship (NOT "I love you")

  • Raise your expectations for yourself

  • Develop REAL strength of self-esteem

  • Let go of limiting beliefs

  • Be vulnerable with yourself and others

  • Work through the struggle just like other men

  • Walk through the fear of someone knowing your story and accepting you
  • Learn to trust your own intuition
  • Heal old wounds
  • Build true integrity and honor
  • Learn honest self-reflection
  • Stop making excuses and with courage, go "All in!"
  • Create and master intimacy in your relationships


  • Achieve your goals
  • Validate yourself and feel good from the inside out
  • Learn to set and keep boundaries
  • Embody a healthy masculine presence
  • Clearly communicate your needs and wants and get them met
  • Improve yourself, not to be liked, but to know your value to the world

Today, being a man is hard.

At a young age, many of us men were taught to ignore and hide what we felt inside. You were told to be tough, to “suck it up,” and be independent.

Truth is, though, that so many men are hurting deeply and suffering emotional pain. Instead of reaching out for help, many men often suffer in silence and escape into the darkness of addiction, lying to avoid conflict, affairs and seeking approval from women, overwork, and high-risk activities.

These things may give a moment of relief but only increase stress and depression in the long run.

More now than any other time, men are being called to evolve into a new model of masculinity. Not the rigid, often angry and controlling approach, but from the core of strength, courage, loving presence and honor.

This group offers a new way of evolving as men that the world deserves, that you deserve! Creating a vision beyond ourselves and supporting one another on that journey.

How does the transformation process work?

Gain a solid understanding of the beliefs and behaviors that hold you back:
Stop spinning the hamster wheel. Stop continuing to do the same thing you've always done expecting different results. Stop sleep-walking. Awaken your intuition. It's primal!

Develop a clear and strategic road map to the life you want:
We focus on what your life looks like now and how you hold yourself back from having the life you want. Get unstuck from the "crossroads" you have been calling your life and move forward, one clear step at a time. Live with intention.

Increase emotional Intelligence:
Learn the language of emotion, all it's nuance, and be fluent. Boys didn't develop this skill for a number of reasons: peer pressure, shaming, society, lack of encouragement, the list goes on. Emotion carries information. Feel it to know it. 

Reduce Shame and Increase self-esteem:
Shame lives in the shadows and breaths in isolation. We cut off the oxygen of shame and shine a light on the shadows. Start engaging in esteem-able acts. Master the masculine!

Create a TRULY amazing life:
Do you root for the underdog? Do you want to see others get what they want. So do I, and the other men in this group. See that others want to help you. Deepen relationships.
Today’s world needs men who are well balanced, live their lives with strength of purpose, have healed from their battle wounds, maintain meaningful relationships with their friends, family, and themselves. It’s time to be the man you have always wanted to see looking back in the mirror.

Dr. Ben Culhane

Relational Therapist
There is no better way to become part of a brotherhood and strengthen your vision than working with other committed men who share common goals toward personal growth and relational progress.

Be a better husband, boyfriend, father, brother and leader...

Next Available 8 Week Group Starts: 
January 13th, 2022

Thursday Evenings via Zoom 7:00pm - 8:30
*Due to the large interest in our Men's Group Courses, we must request a space guarantee, non-refundable deposit of $150 with remaining balance due prior to first class date.
YES! Please reserve my space in the upcoming Group:
*Once you have submitted your request to join the class you will receive a follow up email with your next steps.
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